Is CBD Vape Oil Legal? Check out its legal status now! 

Cannabidiol, often shortened to CBD, is highly misconstrued as illegal and dangerous. While many people are unsure of the legal status of this oil, here we have tried to clarify the legal status of cannabidiol as best as we can. We have also included some country-specific information that determines the legality of this material in different places around the world and the future legality of it. 

In general, CBD vape oil comes from two different sources. It can either be extracted from medical marijuana plants or be cultivated from industrial hemp plants. Both these variants are cultivated for different purposes as well as have different legal statuses. 

The legality of the Cannabidiol also depends on which country or state you belong to. Let’s look at two types of cannabidiol first. 


Two types of Cannabidiol based on the source 

1. From Medical Marijuana Plants:

To start simply: If marijuana is not legal in your state, CBD oil that is extracted from the marijuana plant is not legal, either. 

CBD may be extracted from marijuana plants that are grown for medical purposes. CBD extract from this plant have varying proportions of the compound THC. These plants are high in CBD oil and they are sold in licensed pharmacies as well as prescribed by medical practitioners for treating certain conditions in countries where marijuana is legal as in the United States. 

The content of THC in the medical marijuana tends to be high, even if the plant is cultivated for its CBD compound. There are many different types of marijuana at medical dispensaries that also give details about the type of plant, the percentage of THC and CBD, as well as the taste and the effects of the strain. 

The major disadvantage of getting CBD from marijuana is that it is not legal in many states. It also has a potential of having high THC content. In the United States, it is deemed legal only in some states and you would need a doctor’s prescription to get hold of medical marijuana. The choice of legally obtaining CBD vape oil  has even driven some families out of certain states in the USA. 

2. From Industrial Hemp:

Industrial hemp is legal in most places as hemp is different than marijuana and the content of THC is negligible. Getting cannabidiol oil, otherwise known as CBD vape oil, from the hemp plant makes the oil safe to use. It simply does not make anyone high and most of these products are legally sold in many websites as well as stores. The cannabidiol generated from the industrial hemp is also safely used as a vape oil.

If you are a resident of the United State, you are free to buy and use cannabidiol from any state as long as it is sourced from industrial hemp plants. 

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Is using cannabidiol oil legal in my country? 

In the United States, the legal status of the CBD is clear. If you use the cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp, you do not need to have second thoughts about the legality but if you get it sourced from medical marijuana, you might need to be in a state that approves its usage. 

The legal status outside the United States could be more tricky. It could be completely legal in some countries while others might have more restrictions. The regulations for each country could vary and it is best to get advice from the Customs department in the country to find out if cannabis is legal. It is also good to get a no objection certificate from your doctor to use CBD in moderation for your health benefits. If you get to know that using CBD is legal, you could get your products delivered to you from our website. 


The Future of Cannabidiol: 

Although it is uncertain if CBD would remain legal forever, most studies support the legality of CBD oil. It has no negative side effects on the body.(1) As long as you consume CBD without any traces of THC, it is completely safe, this includes CBD supplements as well as vape oils. 

We believe that informed customers would make the right choice for themselves. We also recommend you to check out other informative articles on the New Labs CBD website to know about the pros and cons of CBD vape oil. It is also good to do your own research to find out more potential benefits of using CBD. 


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