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Support a healthy weight, without having to sacrifice your daily routine. Resolution Drops work best when following our Resolution Meal Plan.*

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Nutrients that promote a healthy nervous system.*

Support for a healthy appetite.*

Help to control your cravings.*

Resolution Drops

The wellness market provides various products to help you begin your weight loss journey or enhance your fitness efforts.

Weight loss is a health issue that many people across the world are pursuing. Perhaps one is struggling with obesity or just wants to lose pounds for a leaner look. Having a healthy weight goes a long way in preventing several conditions, including diabetes and hypertension. Exercise and eating healthy foods help you lose weight. However, weight loss supplements such as Resolution Drops might assist you to shed more pounds. The drops are easy to use, portable, and safe.

You can use them on the go and help your body lose extra weights as you run errands and accomplish goals at work. The effectiveness of a product lies in the ingredients a manufacturer utilizes. Resolution contains components proven (through clinical studies) to aid weight loss.  However, our bodies are different, so they respond differently to supplements. Therefore, you need to be patient and do not compare your results to another user’s.  Below is a comprehensive look at Resolution Drops to help you make a purchasing decision.

What Is Resolution Drops

Resolution Drops are a weight loss product from Total Life Changes LLC. Available in liquid form, they come in a dropper bottle that ensures accurate doses and prevents wastage. The packaging is elegant and makes you want to try the formula just by looking at it. The drops have appetite-suppressing properties and help you control your cravings. With such capabilities, you get more support for your weight loss goals.

The manufacturer recommends that you use the Resolution meal plan along with the drops to maximize your weight loss results. The guide is helpful, especially when you are having a hard time identifying the right foods to eat to shed weight. It assists you to lose weight safely and keeps you on the right track. Besides, the plan is easy to understand and saves you time when it comes to meal preparation.  You do not have to scratch your head and take minutes figuring out what to eat.

Download the meal plan from the Total Life Changes (TLC) official website. You get beneficial guidance regarding what foods to consume and the correct quantity for weight loss. You also access information about the nutrients in each food.

Note that the meal plan from TLC aids in relieving cravings, bloating, gas, nausea, and indigestion. It is about adhering to a 1200-calorie diet, so you do not starve. It also encourages the consumption of proteins and no carbs. In a day, you consume 200calories for breakfast, 400 calories for lunch and dinner, and two snacks each of 100 calories. Get to burn stored fat in your body and shed more pounds.

The Resolution plan naturally enhances metabolism, improves your overall nutrition, and fosters fat burning. When you consume less than 1200 calories, you are likely to deprive your body of essential nutrients and cause a deficiency of calcium, protein, and magnesium, among other nutrients. Note that Total Life Changes also includes a vegetarian protein plan in the download.

Prepare nutritious meals using the foods in the Resolution plans and benefit from the nutrition in them. The guides include lists of dairy protein, vegetables, fruits, specific starches, and drinks such as unsweetened tea and black coffee.

The Ingredients in Resolution Drops

As mentioned earlier, the ingredients of a product determine its performance. The components of Resolution Drops are designed to support weight loss through curbing cravings, so you eat less. They also support a healthy appetite; thus, you only eat when your body needs to. Besides, the product contains nutrients that ensure a healthy nervous system. You enjoy these benefits without interrupting your daily routine.

Important Ingredients

What ingredients are responsible for Resolution Drops’ performance? The list includes the following.

  • Avena Sativa: A simple name for Avena Sativa is oats. It is rich in protein, a macronutrient that boosts satiety to keep you feeling full for longer. That way, you consume fewer calories. Avena also contains minerals, fats, and dietary fiber to nourish your body. Its fat-lowering elements aid in reducing weight. However, extensive clinical studies have found that Avena can provide health benefits. The component is used to treat obesity and reduce weight.
  • Calcarea Carbonica: Made from oyster shells, Calcarea is designed for people with excess fat in the abdomen and those with low metabolism that causes obesity. It can also reduce the weight gain that happened during pregnancy.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus: People use Fucus for conditions such as obesity and thyroid disorders. It might help reduce extra weight, but scientific research is necessary to prove such benefits.
  • Graphites: This ingredient assists with excess weight to keep users in better physical shape.
  • Ignatia Amara: Depression causes some patients to eat more when sad and leads to weight gain. Ignatia supports weight loss after depression causes one to gain more pounds.
  • Lycopodium Clavatum: Lycopodium assists in getting rid of excess fat on thighs and buttocks. The component also supports weight loss for weight gained due to hypothyroidism.
  • Ammonium Bromatum: For obese people struggling with being sluggish, weak, and tired always, this ingredient helps reduce excess fat in the upper body.
The Benefits of Resolution Drops
Resolution Drops aid with weight loss in several ways.
  • Assist in curbing obesity
  • Provide a safe, quick way to lose weight
  • Burn belly fat
  • Increase metabolism
  • Control cravings and suppress appetite
  • Reduce fat deposits and flush out toxins
What You’ll Feel

Resolution Drops help you lose weight and inches, so you feel lighter and leaner. They also keep your appetite in check; thus, you do not frequently feel the urge to eat. With your controlled cravings, you are able to limit your calorie intake, which assists a lot in sustaining a healthy weight. Junk and processed foods are terrible choices when you’re craving and shooting up. With Resolution meal plans, you can choose the right snacks to eat, so you do not derail your weight loss efforts by eating the wrong foods.

How Resolution Drops Work

Resolution Drops are an appetite suppressant and fat burner. The more calories you eat, the more likely you will gain weight, especially if you do not exercise. By the time you are thinking about weight loss, you already know the foods to eliminate or limit in your diet to reduce your calorie intake.

The drops lower your appetite to ensure you consume the right amount of calories and burn excess body fat. Cravings also contribute to more calorie consumption. With less appetite for processed foods or artificial sweeteners, you prevent your body from gaining more weight.

How to Use Resolution Drops

Resolution Drops are simple to utilize. The included dropper ensures mess-free use. Apply ten drops under your tongue using the dropper and wait for 15 seconds before swallowing. The formula moves directly into your bloodstream through the blood vessels in your mouth for fast-acting efficiency.

Use the drops 15 minutes before or after meals three times a day. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use this product. A bottle of Resolution should last you 20 days if the dose is 1ml three times daily and 26 days when the serving is 0.75ml. Remember to exercise as well and flow the Resolution meal plan. Avoid added sugar; instead, use natural sweeteners such as stevia or honey. Fried foods and chocolate are also a no.

TLC suggests that you use their Life Drops product along with the Resolution Drops. Life drops are gluten-free and contain vitamins for natural energy. They also assist in metabolizing amino acids, carbs, and fats to bar fatigue. The components support your body’s systems for proper functioning. The ingredients list entails natural green tea leaf, pomegranate extract, acerola fruit, vitamins (B12, B5, and B6), niacin, biotin, and thiamin.

They work towards increasing thermogenesis, burning more calories, and supporting healthy blood fat levels. If you have a pre-existing health condition or are on medication, speak to your doctor before using Resolution Drops. That way, the physician can evaluate the product’s safety for you and establish whether it can react with the prescription drugs you are taking. Do put your health at risk. 

Product Reviews/Results

Resolution Drops have helped users lose weight. You might drop 2-3lbs per day and achieve the look and body you want. You could lose more than 20lbs in 30 days if you follow the stipulated guidelines.

While the product has worked for some buyers, it has not been effective for others. Our bodies react differently to products. That is why you should not compare your progress with someone else’s. Just because Resolution drops failed to help a user lose weight does not mean it will not work for you. You have to try it to determine if it can help you shed weight.

One user who had successful weight loss while using Resolution Drops says, “It works well when you do it correctly.”

Ensure you follow the required meal plan, guidelines, and exercise. Avoid taking carbs, chocolate, and sugar. If you do not, the drops will not be effective for you.

Another user states, “You can’t cheat, though, because then it doesn’t work.”

However, a few users complain that the taste of the drops is not as good. Some say the drops did not help them lose weight or reduce their appetite.


Resolution Drops contain ingredients that could help you lose weight for a healthy body. While some users experience weight loss, others complain that the product has not been effective. However, make sure you use the drops the right way, following the Resolution meal plan. Do not forget to exercise. That way, you increase your chances of losing more fat. Nevertheless, do not let the negative user reviews prevent you from trying the product. Unless you use it, you cannot tell if it will work for you or not. Its components are safe and do not cause side effects.


Ammonium Bromatum

Avena Sativa

Calcarea Carbonica

Fucus Vesiculosus


Ignatia Amara

Lycopodium Clavatum

Sulfuricum Acidum


What You’ll Feel



Liquid multivitamin dietary supplement replenishes vital nutrients & minerals*.


Dietary supplement provides focus, sustained energy, and fat-burning capabilities.*

Resolution Drops

Dietary supplement that suppresses appetite and offers aggressive weight loss.*

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